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TOPIC: Theme 12 kicking my butt!

Theme 12 kicking my butt! 11 years 11 months ago #36076

Dom, or somebody out there, help please!

I like theme 12 but I can't deal with the huge amount of blank space in the main 800x250 theme image between the sky-scraper and the paint board thingy. I'd like to keep the sky scraper an the paint thingy but I'd also like to slap my company logo or contact info in the middle. That's just to much space to waste in my opinion.

I found out how to completely replace the image but that's not my goal. I would imagine that If I had an actual downloaded copy of the image I could photoshop my logo into the image then upload it? I can't seem to highlight the image an do a "save image" or "save as". Where can I find a download of this image?

I've also spent 3-4 hours trying to change the color of the text in my opening body introduction. I can easily copy the formatting and color I want into the box but it refuses to save it in the colors I opt for. I've even changed the color codes like #ff0000 for example but still nothing. The back ground is a real light blue and the text is white which makes it virtually invisible to anyone over 40 years old.

Last issue is with my photo galleries. I name a gallery, then upload a picture, then insert numerous pictures in the insertion screen(it looks alot like this screen). When I click on photo galleries it always shows that I only have 1 picture in each gallery. I can then click on the gallery and see all the pics but since it's only listing 1 picture per gallery I feel as if I'm not doing something correctly.

Also, when you go to my site you will notice "Utah Commercial Property Infrared Inspections Utah Commercial Property Infrared Inspection" posted twice across the top of the website. I can't shake that for my life.

Please give me a hint if you get a chance.

website is : www.utahinfraredinspection.com/

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Last Edit: by Brandon Clark.

Re: Theme 12 kicking my butt! 11 years 11 months ago #36077

Hi Brandon,

Welcome to the message boards.

With the photo galleries, you're just creating a gallery and setting the default image, not uploading new images. You should be going to Create Content->Image and uploading your image and selection a gallery. There's an animated tutorial and also written instructions can be found here: www.homeinspectorpro.com/inspector-forum...reate-New-Galleries/

Here's the location of the image you're referring to. Yes, you can edit it in any photo editing program then upload the new version: www.utahinfraredinspection.com/sites/all...mages/banner-top.jpg

Don't spend 3-4 hours trying to figure anything out! There's a help desk in the top of this site that we monitor until at least midnight PST. The into text you're referring to is part of the mission statement, that part is fixed. If you want something else, turn it off under Themes->Configure (next to your theme) and uncheck Mission Statement. Then add the text into the body of the home page. Very few people use the mission statements, but they are there for people to get stuff up quickly before the have time to delve deeper into all the options available.

Let us know if you have any more questions! Myself and Dan will be travelling to Vegas tomorrow (or actually it's today now) for a several day inspection conference, so during the day Saturday, ask your question here and  other inspectors will answer. After that we'll be checking message boards, tickets, email, phone, all the usual suspects ;)

Hopefully this gets you on the right path!

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Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro Home Inspection Software - CEO
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