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TOPIC: How To Get Drier, Warmer And Cooler Faster

How To Get Drier, Warmer And Cooler Faster 12 years 3 months ago #33096

On a recent inspection of a flip I noted that the basement was changed (a laundry was turned into a bathroom and a family room turned into a laundry room).  This necessitated changing the heating and air conditioning duct work.  All the new walls required movement of ducts.

I was particularly interested in the position of the HVAC register in the master bathroom!

It is not certain if this is the ONLY place they could have chosen, but it probably is given the geography of the new wall arrangement below.

The floor register is just inside the door and right in front of the sink!

While an odd position by anyone's measure, it might just be a convenient one.

Think of the laundry it will save!  This happy homeowner will not need a towel upon exiting the tub!  Setting the thermostat temperature before a bath or shower will guarantee freshly blowing air when done!

And drying those hard-to-reach places is no longer an issue!  While shaving or brushing hair, one only needs to straddle the register and dry completely!

And, any dripping water can go right down the hole and get carried away by the duct!  That is convenience most of the Third World would envy.  Now THAT'S plumbing!

Not only this, but the marble door thresh hold was cracked in many places and glued back together with perfectly-matched caulking.  I bet you can't see it even though I brought it to your attention!

This could very well be something that will catch on!

What at first glance would appear to be an oddity might in fact turn out to be a new trend begun by a heretofore obscure (Class A Contractor) Flipper!  Real fame may be due this company now that I am introducing this concept to the world.  Now that would be a beautiful thing!

My recommendation:  Before you judge a Flipper, try to get into his head.  You might just be seeing things from a different perspective!

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