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TOPIC: Sump & Drain pipe

Sump & Drain pipe 14 years 11 months ago #12098

Home had a sump but someone removed it. By the looks of the standing water it needs another one.

My question is on the open drain pipe at the exterior. I recommended a cap.

Is this a clean out for the sanitary or storm. It went down to about the level of the footer drains. I could see water flowing through. Was located about 6 feet away from the front of the house.

Also this home had a drain pipe that was at least 100 feet maybe more. It gradually sloped to the main drain stack but the drain was clogged. Is there a maximum length for a drain pipe?

The pipe was for the kitchen and went down to a crawl. Then through the crawl to the basement. Then around 3 walls of the basement. No wonder it was clogged.

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Re: Sump & Drain pipe 14 years 11 months ago #12167

yes safety tripping issue 

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Re: Sump & Drain pipe 14 years 11 months ago #12337

Around here a clean out must have a cap and be below the surface of the soil unless right next to the house.  Often there is one near the house and also in the yard.

Don't know about the length of sump piping.  Mine is over 40' long in my house.  Runs out the back, with two elbows.  Here, it must drain outdoors though, and not into the sanitary drain in a house.

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Re: Sump & Drain pipe 14 years 11 months ago #12425

the small pipe looks like 4" so it could have been an area drain with the cap missing, sump should have a pump there, pointless with out it, I guess 100 feet is to long if it clogs up, I don't know of any run restrictions on plumbing but there should be the 1 inch for 4 feet rule so 100 feet has to drop 4 feet, as long as they follow that it should be ok

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Re: Sump & Drain pipe 14 years 11 months ago #12467

David, what is the fourth photo?
Seems like it is dumping in a slop sink.

On your drainage line, on every change of direction of the pitched horizontal runs, it should have a clean out for that section, and the minimum pitch of 1/4" per foot.
Cleanouts should be provided at no more than 40 feet regardless of chang of direction.

Underground drainage cleanouts. P3005.2.3 shall be extended vertically to or above finish grade either inside or outside the building.

Horizontal drainage piping shall be installed in slopes not less than 1/4"p.ft. and 1/8" for diameters of 3" or more. 100 lin. feet is a lot of pitch. Probably why it clogged up.  :)

If the drainage pipe clogged, it was either below minimum pitch or undersized for the drainage unit it provided.

Marcel  :) :)

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