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TOPIC: Put Yer Plug!

Put Yer Plug! 13 years 11 months ago #33450

How often does that outdoor siding project bother you to the point you are dreaming about it?  And just how much worry is too much worry?

There's that hole in the siding you just can't figure out what to do with.  It's been there for some time.  You know you have to get to it, and you don't want to have to replace the entire side of your house.

Soon your kids are looking in when you're shaving to ask, "Did you plug the hole yet Daddy?"

Well, worry no more!

Hi, Billy Jays here!

All you need is Put Yer Plug!

Hit a golf ball a little too hard from your driveway?  Put Yer Plug!

Did the shot gun go off at an unexpected time and at an unexpected angle?  Put Yer Plug!

Just cut it out from our convenient roll of Put Yer Plug! and screw it on. And you're done!

Use our convenient paint palette to match the color and viola!  You have plugged your hole!

What if you want to move that dryer vent because it's in the way of the new, undersized and inappropriate kitchen vent you want to put in?  No problem!

Take it out, cut it to fit, and Put Yer Plug!  You can do round too!  Round you say?  You can do round too?


And paint that odd shape to match!  Nobody will even see it!

But you say, "Billy Jays, my patch is big and needs to be really long.  My circular saw went a little crazy and took out a whole section of siding.  What do I do?"

Hey, just Put Yer Plug!  It works even when you don't need to plug the hole, Daddy!  You can plug the tear!

Use Put Yer Plug! and you won't even shed a tear!

So call now and one of our trained consultants will get you out your very own roll of Put Yer Plug! and our custom paint palette!  But you have to call now!

Get the worry off your mind and that repair monkey off your back!  Do it for the children!  Call now!

Your neighbors will be glad you did!  Tell 'em Billy Jays helped!  They'll understand immediately!

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