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TOPIC: Cast Iron Pipe Scope Inspection Report

Cast Iron Pipe Scope Inspection Report 9 years 6 months ago #57469

We currently have a contract on a house to purchase. The house inspector found no plumbing issues whatsoever but was adamant that we have the cast iron drain pipes inspected with a scope. The house was built 30-40 years ago and the pipes run under the slab. The "pipe" inspector came out today and inspected the pipes with the scope (for $350.). He found that the condition of the pipes was "poor" and that it all needed to be replaced (with no blockages or leaks noted). He said that we need to have a plumber quote the work that needed to be done. With our permission, he called a plumber that he knew of and requested that he come quote the job. Almost magically, in a city with so much traffic that it takes 10 minutes to travel 2 miles, the plumber showed up within 2 minutes. The plumber then said that he could re-do the drain piping and that the repairs would be extensive since he would have to drill into the slab and re-route the existing lines. He said that he would email over a detailed report. When asked for a ball-park figure, he replied around 20k and said he would email over a detailed quote this afternoon. The pipe inspector emailed his "inspection report" about an hour ago. If this work really does have to be done, we have two options. Offer 1 is to renegotiate the selling price with the seller to account for the cost of repairs which we will have to do. Option 2 is to request that the seller make the repairs (20k or so) prior to closing. (On a side note, the pipe inspector took my Realtor aside while we were all at the property and told her that he wanted to buy the house if we didn't. He also text her to call him again after he left while we were still at the property with her.)

As I read the pipe inspector's report, I am stunned at the report itself. Please read below:

After running camera through the line under the slab, we came to a

determination that the cast iron is in very poor condition for a family of four,

to be using. We also decided to break concert and repair all PVC pipe, because

if the family starts using any kind of thick toilet paper it will stop up. Also,

decided to re-route right bathroom of the house, re-route washing machine

and kitchen on the left side of the home. We also spoke to the city about

locating two taps on this corner lot. Hopefully this will make it easier to re-
rout. We were unable to camera washing machine and kitchen line because I

was afraid to get stuck under slab with condition of the pipe, main line.

Thank you for your business,

Unnamed Company

My thoughts on the report is that it needs to contain detailed technical information regarding the condition of the pipe, it's current functionality, and the possible consequences of not implementing a new solution. The solution needs to be clearly defined and easy for the reader to comprehend. The inspection report needs written in a professional format that is free of any major grammar and spelling errors. A detailed report will help the owners understand the relevance of the damaged pipe. If I'm the seller, this report alone is not enough to convince me to shell out 20k. What do you all think, is this standard practice. In my gut, I feel like something is not right, but I'm naturally a pessimistic person and rarely trust anyone that isn't family. What do you all think, what should my next steps be regarding the plumbing issue?

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Re: Cast Iron Pipe Scope Inspection Report 9 years 6 months ago #57483

That is a bit odd. Did they give you pictures, or better yet a video on dvd of the actual scoping?

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Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro Home Inspection Software - CEO

Re: Cast Iron Pipe Scope Inspection Report 9 years 5 months ago #57607

I would call out Roto Rooter or a major chain to view the pipes. Cast Iron can look fine on the outside but the inside does rust up and restrict flow. A video scan is highly recommended on 1950-60's homes. Also the foundations were not as strong during that era as newer post tension ends. Cutting into the foundation can be dangerous. I have seen 2" cast iron pipe that I could not get my pinky finger into when it was cut off from a commercial building from the 1920's.

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Re: Cast Iron Pipe Scope Inspection Report 9 years 5 months ago #57625

I do not see where Courtney is located, but this is a scam!They are just "the same crew ", willing to make some quick cash!   In Chicago, prior any major work is done, contractor have to call City sewer inspector to be presented at the site while camera inspection is performed (I'm licensed sewer contractor too, beside HVAC ) . So, inspector would give "green light" for opening, aka sewer excavation Also, home owner and inspector too have right to request dvd or tape (depends what kind of equipment contractor is using )from contractor  But, clearly this job is not Chicago, because Chicago is a "no pvc" city!

sorry, I had to modify this posting, should have said "Beside being a Home Inspector and HIP happy user (not extensively :) ) I'm sewer and hvac contractor too !
p.s. I believe my friend Dominic would be happy with this modification! :)

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