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TOPIC: Summary Section

Summary Section 4 years 9 months ago #64071

I'd love to rename it. We've had the discussion on here before but no one has come up with good new names. The problem is that it's not summary & not summary as some people don't include summaries.

The issue with using colors on mobile is that there's a lot of guys that do not create red comments for their summary, they use black. If both comment types are black there's no way to differentiate them on mobile when tapping them.

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Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro Home Inspection Software - CEO

Summary Section 4 years 9 months ago #64077

So they use "BLACK", as in the "normal damage" category, but then what do they change the colors using the advanced color option and to bring attention to certain items?

You know from a GOOD or BAD perspective, the black and red categories work and I know that some people are cut and dried like that, but I like a middle of the road and it sounds like other users do as well. I don't always find a lot of critical issues that in my mind justify red text, but I also don't make mountains out of mole hills and am sensitive about scaring people. My Clients and referral base have gotten to know that if I make something RED, as in the color RED, in the summary then its something I feel strongly about.

I put a lot of suggestions and the minor/moderate damage comments in my summary, but in blue (blue is my default serious damage color) and I do it just because I want it in my Client's face. I know that some Realtors focus on the serious damage summary and then other stuff gets overlooked, so unless its a totally minor, superficial, aesthetic type observations, which I leave in the normal (BLACK) category and for the body of the report, I mark the majority of my comments as serious, print them in blue, and then override really serious issues using advance color option.

That said the name of the boxes and the summary section really depends on the user and how they use them. At the end of the day I think that a "Summary" is just exactly what it is, how you use it can be define in a document and included within the summary to describe how it is being used.

As far as the normal and serious damage panes, where comments are placed, I think they should be called something that describes that one is included in the summary and the other isn't...in lieu of Black and Red. It would be nice to be able to change the display color in those boxes as well, for example if a color other than red is selected in the formatting section for the serious damage font, it would be nice to see that in the window.....but then you can't have a "Red" button I guess. LOL

If you could just have the program read our minds and adapt that would be awesome!

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