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TOPIC: Age Chart for HVAC

Re: Age Chart for HVAC 13 years 4 months ago #36957

David, That is all well and good. Your a good inspector for that. However, someone will take you for your lack of "qualification" and sue the crap out of you, just for "someone else" to pay the repair bill.

Good to point out the thing is old...
It will have to be replaced soon. No question.

Sometimes it's best to just leave it alone.

I was sued and the attorney though what the rest of the HI group did was "standard" , expected and was required...

I paid my dues for that crap.
Like going fishing in Alaska, I threw $45 worth of lures into the river, just to get it over with!

If you can afford it, fine.

I'm not telling anyone how to run a business. I know you know that.

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