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TOPIC: HVAC Differentials

Re: HVAC Differentials 12 years 10 months ago #24316

One thing I have noticed, Charley, is the copper line from a new condenser being much larger than the line that was attached to the previous unit.  There is a company around here that does that all the time.  It breaks a year later and they probably swap it out for a new one at the manufacturer's warranty expense.

Your first comment (concern) above - is that when an older oil or gas furnace is replaced with a newer heat pump unit?  Can't the old, and smaller, ducts be just as big a problem?  Heat pumps require more air than those older units.  When I call that out on an inspection, the sellers just get some HVAC guy to say that I am all wet and they go from there.  I have no juice in that circumstance.  I also call out bad insulation all the time.  Good point from you.

You are welcome to come by my house any time for an evaluation of my two systems.  Got a nice sofa bed downstairs in the Cuchihuasi (Redskin Room).  Lemmino!

Not necessarily on the duct work if it was properly sized for the tonnage of the previous unit yes a heat pump requires a little more CFM from the air handler than conventional heat. Most air handlers of the modern times are multiple speed lower speed for a gas or oil furnace high speed for A/C and most just use the higher speed for heat on a heat pump so in essence the duct should have been sized for cooling to begin with.

How do you spell Redskins I think Favre. My Mother in Law lives in VA and have not been there in years-)-)

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Re: HVAC Differentials 12 years 10 months ago #24318

I spell it    E-I-G-H-T-I-E-S-T-O-E-A-R-L-Y-9-0-'-S

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