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Home Inspection Client Testimonials

Home Inspection Client Testimonials


Here are comments from a few of our users on their experience with Home Inspector Pro Home Inspection Software



Home Inspector Pro user Damon Coberth talks about how using our Home Inspection Software & Website Hosting has increased his business 40% in the last year. You can visit Damon's Website at http://www.CoberthHomeInspections.com

It took a long time before I would agree to computerized reporting. Our reporting system had always been not only a source of business because of our ability to distribute reports at the inspection, but also a tool to keep our inspectors on track due to the format. When I spoke to Dominic, he assured me that we would be able to incorporate all of the elements of our old reporting system along with many new improvements. After using the Home Inspector Pro system for a year now, I can honestly say that Dominic was right. And more important than anything else, it is easy to use and adapt. I would recommend this system to anyone who’s not in New Jersey (only because I don’t want my competition to get their hands on it! LOL)

George White, ACI
Owner of Home Diagnostic Inspections, Inc., Little Falls, NJ HDInspections.com
Russ Spriggs, Home Inspector in Idaho

It took 5 years to sway me to another home inspection reporting style. HIP, is remarkably flexible! Being a PC dinosaur, it took me a bit to realize that the provided template is easy to work with but, more interestingly, I can build my own template (using the same inspection walk thru I now use) in very little time. And, to top it all off, Dominic is extremely responsive via phone or email to any questions I have. Most are answered within 2 minutes. Even if you are using paper reports, consider Home Inspector Pro. It's even easier than the tutorials.

Best of good fortune on your service, Dominic!
Russ Spriggs CMI in Idaho, USA Sample Report From Russ
Idaho's NACHI Chapter President & President, Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce

I have tried 5 or 6 home inspection programs or systems, and most of them allow some degree of editing to the comments. However, I find Home Inspector Pro to be superior in several ways; Easy-to-save, unlimited numbers of templates, so you can open a template that is already tailored to the house you are inspecting. Also, the appearance of the final report can be altered drastically, and various versions can easily be created, from web-friendly to printer-friendly, for example. Colour-coding and the appearance of the cover pages are easily changed and saved with this program. Pictures are automatically downsized to fit the pages, and can be inserted anywhere with a fast uploading procedure. I have recommended this program to other inspectors as, dollar-for-dollar, the best inspection program on the market today. Thanks again, Dominic, for your terrific support as well !!

John Kogel in Sooke, BC, Canada

All Safe Home Inspections


I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you so much for your support this year. Home Inspector Pro has been instrumental in the success of my new inspection company. My business is thriving, as you know, and there is not any way that I would of accomplished this much without your help. The reports alone have generated more business for me than you could imagine. Your personal interest has been nothing less than remarkable. I cannot thank you enough for the customer service and awesome program. I have been doing inspections for only 7 months now and I am pushing 200 for the year (as a side job). In Houston, it is very hard to generate a start up inspection business. With the help of Home Inspector Pro, 75% of my phone calls are now referrals. Thanks again for all of your help and patience and I wish you the very best of luck with Home Inspector Pro.

Cody Briggs in Houston, TX, USA
Sample Report From Cody
Coastal Home Inspections
Mark Timpani Home Inspector in Arizona

Home Inspector Pro software is excellent! You will be hard pressed to find someone as knowledgeable, helpful and patient as Dominic. The photo software within the program is absolutely the quickest and easiest. 100 pics download in about 15 seconds and there is no resizing them, it's all done automatically. The arrows, circles, captions and report placement is also the easiest and goes as fast as you can click a mouse! Both good and bad comments are also as fast as you can move your mouse! Dominic created this software from HIs and that is why it is such great software. It did not come from a computer person trying to get HIs to adapt to his ideas and software, it came from a computer person who adapted HI ideas to create his software.

Mark and Gina Timpani in Tucson, Arizona, USA
Pride Property Inspections

Charley from Freedom Home Inspections

For someone that was never on a computer key board until I was 50 years in age I must say that Home Inspector Pro (HIP) was the easiest software of any nature for me to grasp. Just a matter of hours to get the actual feel of its overall power to write a professional type report. Great Job Dominic Keep up the good work.

Charley Bottger in Oklahoma, USA
Freedom Express Home Inspections LLC

bob hutchinson home inspector

I am a registered user of the MAC released version of Home Inspector Pro and a Beta tester as well. Last week I did a Home Inspection and used Home Inspector Pro for my reporting needs as well as the upload service. My clients called me after they had downloaded and read the report and told me that it was the most professional report that they had seen and that it was a real HIT with them and the Realtor agents on both sides of the fence. Now, I want to let you know that it was my first attempt with the reporting software and my report was simpler that what I usually give out, but if it was a hit in this form, can you imagine what the report will be when I get the full power of it in my grasp by using it over and over!! I have been a hard core user of some of the other high-end software packages by HomeGauge and Porter Valley and never thought that I would budge from using them. Well, I have budged and am now exclusively using Home Inspector Pro Software for all of my inspections be it home, commercial, marine, mold. The power of this program allows one to use it to inspect and report about just everything that you can imagine. With its "open source" so to speak, one can tailor it to anyway they want their report to look and feel. One more caveat...this program will run on a MAC...no other software for reporting out there can do that. I am a lucky inspector..remember a Apple a day keeps the PC Doctors away!!!

Robert Hutchinson in New York, USA
Bob Builder Home Inspections

Home Inspector Pro is the best inspection software on the market today. HIP delivers what every home inspector dreams of : a format the client can easily understand, Professional report that impresses Realtors and options that allow Inspectors to really make the report their own. You truly have complete control of Home Inspector Pro from template layout to library comments to photo editing to adding documents in the report. I tried every software out there and chose Home Inspector Pro for its incredible value, unlimited templates you can have, endless report modifications, outstanding software support and the logical format that speeds up my report writing time just to name a few. Try it and you will buy it.

John G Jones
Sample Report From John
All Tech Home Inspections

Tennessee Home Inspector Who Uses Home Inspection Software

I have used my own template and inspection report since starting in business 8 yrs ago and have looked at all softwares and never changed. I studied Home Inspector Pro for about a week , sampled, then bought it. I am more than pleased and am in the process of going to it completely. I never throught I would change. You have a great product, great support, and very affordable. This was half the price of the "popular" name reports. Thanks so much, I am looking forward to responses from my clientel in the near future.

Ben Kelly in Tennessee, USA
Kelly Home Inspections


It has been a pleasure working with Dominic and Home Inspector Pro. Coming from a construction background in the Sunroom Industry I have worked with several large well known manufacture and computer software companies. They could learn something about the level of commitment and individual communication that was extended to me by Dominic. It's a relief to be able to comnplete a software or learning exercise and move forward in training freeing up the time needed to run the company. Dominic from Home Inspector pro gave me a level of satisfaction I normally extend to my customers, and it's nice to be on the receiving end for once.

Carl Rodrigues in Ceres, California, USA
Daylite Dimensions

Dominic Maricic has been provided the best customer service experience I have ever had. He is responsive. He is quick. He is helpful. He is knowledgeable. He is friendly.

Whether in in online chat, email or phone communication he has never been less that outstanding in providing answers to my questions.

I have a website hosting account with them and own the Home Inspector Pro Home Inspection Pro software.

Mike Larson in Hudson, WI, USA
InspectraPro LLC
Clear Choice Home Inspections

Just finished my second inspection report using HIP - I have to tell how great it is! I have cut down the time it takes to write a report by 50% - and I am not yet an expert at it - still make changes to the template during the report. When I get good, it will get even quicker. It is one of the best purchases I have made.I had been using another software program on the market. Depending on the number of pictures, it use to take me 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours to do a report. With 30 pictures on the last inspection I did it only took 1&1/2 hours (my 2nd inspection!), and I was doing mods along the way, so it slowed me down. But I love being able to make changes on the fly, and the picture handling is awesome - that alone saves me tremendous time - I use to have to use 3 different programs to annotate my pics, now I do it while I am doing the report - so great! Thanks so much!

Greg Keene
Evergreen, CO, USA
Clear Choice Home Inspections

I owned another popular inspection software but it was taking a long time to complete reports. After several HIP users told me that were cranking out very professional looking reports with photos in 45-60 minutes I had to give it a try. Well, they were right and I'm now hooked on HIP - so are my clients!

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect
Chicago, IL, USA

A couple of months ago I did a home inspection, and the deal fell thru, for whatever reason. The listing agent evidently passed my inspection report around the real estate office. One of the girls that works in that office, read my report and wound up buying the home. I also got 2 inspections jobs, from clients of that office that the realtors had shown the report to. There wasn't anything special on the report, as far as inspection items. So I give the praise to HOME INSPECTOR PRO Software and Dominic. I also continue to get praise on my reports, from my clients and realtors.
I highly recommend "Home Inspector Pro software"! As your home inspection software.
I have attached the inspection report on my web site, for you to review. Under the tab (Sample reports)

Terry Acra
Spring, Texas
TOC Home Inspections

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